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Training tools for developing great people skills.


Situational Leadership Questionnaire

Studies show that 40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months. The good news is that leadership failure can be predicted - and even prevented - when managers are given the right resources. HRDQ has the tools managers need to take their teams to the next level.

Our leadership assessments and strengthening tools can help your organization develop strong leadership skills. Whether it's the Leadership Unlimited Profile- an eye-opening set of leadership assessment tools- or the Matrix Manager Inventory- a situational leadership questionnaire and training workshop- HRDQ can help lead your business to successful new heights.

Leadership is a lifelong endeavor you can never stop improving upon. There's no such thing as being too good of a leader, and the skills required translate seamlessly from your professional career into your personal life.

HRDQ offers a host of activities to boost, identify, and discover leadership abilities. Whether the leaders in your audience are newly-minted or seasoned professionals, they'll benefit tremendously from our leadership development tools.

From foundational resources such as What's My Leadership Style to targeted solutions including the Leadership Unlimited Profile, Matrix Manager Inventory, and Courageous Leadership, we offer a total spectrum of leadership assessment tools that will help you develop competent, high-performance leaders at your organization who are as prepared for success as they are for the challenges that come along with it. Here are of our top offerings:

Situational Leadership Assessment

What's My Leadership Style

In order for you to improve your leadership, you first have to understand the varied strengths and weaknesses within your own abilities. Leadership style is someone's unique way of influencing others to work towards specific goals. The most effective leaders have the flexibility to adapt their leadership styles to meet the requirements of individual people and different situations. In What's My Leadership Style?, you'll learn how to identify your own personal leadership style (including Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic), discover how to utilize your own personal qualities, and explore how to use your talents to adapt to critical situations.

Leadership Profile and Assessment

Leadership Unlimited Profile

The Leadership Unlimited Profile is a scientifically-backed, research-based assessment tool designed to provide valuable, targeted feedback on behaviors which can inhibit quality leadership and manager effectiveness. Unlike many leadership tools, which often focus on building strengths through activities via a situational leadership questionnaire, Leadership Unlimited targets areas where participants are mostly likely to fail. By identifying and removing these limiting behaviors, or “derailers,” leaders can perform at their highest levels, helping prepare participants for management roles, critical transitionary periods, and team building.

Leadership Profile and Assessment

Matrix Manager Inventory

Managing has only grown more challenging over time. With remote workers, different teams, and real-time results, the simplified, top-down approach taught in many businesses classes is being substituted for what appears more like a spider's web — a matrix. And this makes effective management a task that's much easier said than done. Since managers need to be more fluid and flexible than ever before, Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative Environment offers a training package featuring a mix of self-assessment, workbook activities, and classroom workshop capable of benefitting everyone from mid-level managers to project managers who need to oversee globally dispersed teams.

Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership

Courage plays a vital role in both the workplace and our daily lives, and understanding that fact can help you develop more capable and confident workers. Unfortunately, many organizations don't put as high a value on courage, and therefore don't build their businesses on such important foundational qualities as leadership, innovation, ethics, sales, and more. Courageous Leadership is a comprehensive training package designed to help participants understand courage and how to be more courageous in their daily lives. Through a combination of situational leadership questionnaire, workbook, and workshop, Courageous Leadership gives leaders at all levels the skills and abilities they need to boost their courageousness and leadership.

  • What's My Leadership Style? | Leadership | HRDQ What's My Leadership Style? What's My Leadership Style helps participants learn their preference for one of four styles and find out how to adapt each style to different situations. Ideal for training anyone who needs to influence others towards achieving a goal.
  • LeadingSuccess Program | Leadership | HRDQ LeadingSuccess Program Transform managers into empowered, committed leaders with LeadingSuccess. This intense, proactive training program gives participants the forum to hone key leadership abilities that will help them have a direct effect on employee performance.
  • Mars Rover Challenge | Leadership | HRDQ Mars Rover Challenge A hybrid game and workshop, the Mars Rover Challenge immerses participants in action-packed games that teach team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Rover Challenge transforms your training room into a Rover development lab where your audience must design and develop a prototype for the World Space Agency
  • Leadership Effectiveness Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Leadership Effectiveness Profile This assessment is a 96 item, self scoring assessment of these 8 leadership competencies: Emotional Intelligence, Contextual Thinking, Directional Clarity, Creative Assimilation/People Enablement, Reciprocal Communications, Change Orchestration, Drive/Persistence.
  • Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go | Leadership | HRDQ Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go Trust Your Canary tools equip your leaders and staff with hands-on strategies to prevent and deal with workplace incivility and harassment. These information-packed products inspire and mobilize people to step up in the service of civility and respect.
  • Be a Leader Thumball | Leadership | HRDQ Be a Leader Thumball The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for improvement.
  • Leading Change at Every Level | Leadership | HRDQ Leading Change at Every Level In decades past, change leadership used to fall squarely on the shoulders of the executive echelon. But in today’s empowered organizations, the responsibility of championing change cascades throughout the organization, regardless of authority or position. Leading Change at Every Level is comprehensive self-assessment and classroom workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviors of effective change leaders. It’s the training toolkit every trainer needs to build competent change leaders from the top to bottom.
  • Leader-Manager Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Leader-Manager Profile The Leader-Manager Profile enables both your managers and your organization to achieve success. This 36-item assessment illustrates for managers how their competence as both a manager and a leader can contribute to meeting the demands of the marketplace.
  • Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations | Leadership | HRDQ Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations Innovative leaders have the skill to encourage innovation in others, creating informal and formal systems that invite, support, and reward innovation. Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations can be used to assess a manager or team leader’s current skill level in encouraging innovation in employees.
  • Mars Surface Rover Game | Leadership | HRDQ Mars Surface Rover Game Breathe new life into your training with two action-packed games that will send your audience on space-age adventures in team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Surface Rover transforms your classroom into a top-secret development lab when your audience is challenged to design and develop a new prototype vehicle for NASA.
  • Project Leadership Assessment | Leadership | HRDQ Project Leadership Assessment The Project Leadership Assessment is an innovative learning instrument that focuses on the necessary “people skills” by evaluating behavior in five vital skill areas.
  • Job Challenge Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Job Challenge Profile A self-assessment tool designed for managers and executives to help them understand and use their job assignments as opportunities to develop valuable skills.
  • Leadout | Leadership | HRDQ Leadout Leadout: An Experience in Leadership, an intense and exciting simulation that uses a real-life business scenario to drive home the importance of core leadership and team behaviors. Rooted in the theories developed by top management experts, the challenge is to make quality decisions while confronting everyday organizational issues.
  • Participative Management Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Participative Management Profile The Participative Management Profile fills the need to have an inventory that helps leaders clear up the ambiguities on the subject matter while providing a simple, straightforward self-assessment and feedback tool.
  • Leadership Metaphor Explorer | Leadership | HRDQ Leadership Metaphor Explorer Designed by the Center for Creative Leadership, this hands-on game uses metaphorical images and captions to open a dialogue about the three stages of dependent, independent, and interdependent leadership cultures.
  • The Comprehensive Leader | Leadership | HRDQ The Comprehensive Leader The Comprehensive Leader will help participants to identify their strengths in the areas of strategic and visionary leadership and design a development plan to enhance their personal performance.
  • Customizable and Reproducible Products | Leadership | HRDQ Customizable and Reproducible Products Being a manager or leader requires a wealth of knowledge and a whole host of skills. Whether you are training first-time managers or seasoned leaders, you’ll find something for everyone, from communication and delegating to coaching, strategic planning, and professional development.
  • Responsive Leader Questionnaire & Capability Inventory | Leadership | HRDQ Responsive Leader Questionnaire & Capability Inventory Responsive Leadership Questionnaire and Capability Inventory is a situational leadership assessment for management development training. It measures current skill in managing employees and improves leadership effectiveness by developing supervisory skills, leadership skills, coaching skills, and the ability to motivate employees.
  • Managing for Employee Engagement | Leadership | HRDQ Managing for Employee Engagement Miserable jobs have a huge impact on an organization, its productivity, turnover, morale—and its bottom line. Bestselling author Patrick Lencioni tackles the topic of misery at work with Managing for Employee Engagement, a powerful assessment and training workshop that targets and develops the ability of managers to effectively engage, motivate, and retain employees.
  • Visual Explorer | Leadership | HRDQ Visual Explorer Developed by the Center for Creative Leadership, Visual Explorer is a powerful training tool that’s designed to encourage collaborative conversations and useful dialogue in a safe learning environment.
  • Leadership Unlimited Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Leadership Unlimited Profile Research studies show that 40% of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months. The good news is that leadership failure can be predicted - and even prevented - when managers are given the right resources. The Leadership Unlimited Profile is an eye-opening training package that serves as an “early warning” leadership development tool. It quickly identifies trouble spots and builds the skill sets leaders and managers need to stay on track, excel to the next level, and take charge of their careers.
  • Courageous Leadership | Leadership | HRDQ Courageous Leadership Develop capable and confident leaders with the help of Courageous Leadership, an assessment, workbook, and training program that gives leaders the foundational skills and abilities they need to meet challenges more readily, embrace change more fully, and speak more assertively.
  • Leadership Practices Inventory | Leadership | HRDQ Leadership Practices Inventory The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) approaches leadership as a measurable and learnable set of behaviors. This well-known 360-degree assessment tool helps individuals measure their leadership competencies and learn how to apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to real-life organizational challenges.
  • The Matrix Manager Inventory | Leadership | HRDQ The Matrix Manager Inventory With cross-functional, multi-functional, and virtual teams, today’s organizations are more complex than ever—and that means managers need a refined skill set to match. The Matrix Manager Inventory is a timely new assessment and training workshop that helps both new and seasoned managers to develop the capabilities and versatility they need to succeed in today’s interconnected and collaborative world.
  • Leading Through Transitions | Leadership | HRDQ Leading Through Transitions From the expert minds at The Center for Creative Leadership, this one- to two-day workshop provides supervisors, managers, and leaders with the skills they need to be confident and effective in the face of change.
  • Focused Leader Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Focused Leader Profile The Focused Leader Profile - A Situational Approach to Leading Work Groups, examines three critical factors - relationships, task clarity, and power base. This powerful tool helps leaders narrow their focus, analyze work group situations, and then determine how to respond most effectively.
  • Remarkable Leadership | Leadership | HRDQ Remarkable Leadership Based on the acclaimed book, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time, author Kevin Eikenberry challenges participants to be intentional about what, when, and how they learn. Remarkable Leadership: A Learning Series offers a flexible and practical training program for leaders at all levels.
  • Leadership & Management DVDs | Leadership | HRDQ Leadership & Management DVDs These educational DVDs teach concrete leadership skills, and the methods for applying those skills in real situations.
  • 22 Training Events For Developing Team Leaders | Leadership | HRDQ 22 Training Events For Developing Team Leaders For many team leaders, leadership can seem like an intangible, unattainable skill — one that's best left to those at the top of the organization. But in reality, leadership takes place at many different levels, from strategic directors to team and project leaders.
  • Strategic Leadership Type Indicator | Leadership | HRDQ Strategic Leadership Type Indicator SLTi offers a prescriptive approach to people-management that aligns productivity concerns perfectly with the time-consuming realities of supervising and managing people.
  • Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory | Leadership | HRDQ Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory is about building the foundation for real-time legacy in today's organizations. This combination assessment, workbook, and one-day workshop offers a proven process for bringing out individuals' best, developing other leaders in the organization, establishing leadership culture, and positively impacting the bottom line.
  • Empowerment Profile | Leadership | HRDQ Empowerment Profile Help leaders understand this essential concept with the new edition of the Empowerment Profile - an in-depth instrument that provides leaders with a measurement of the degree to which they perceive themselves to have power at work.
  • Reality-Based Leadership | Leadership | HRDQ Reality-Based Leadership The Reality-Based Leadership Workshop challenges traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and focuses on Five Core Competencies: Reality-Based Thinking, Organizational Alignment, Capitalizing on Change, Driving Results, and Accountability.
  • Experience Explorer™ | Leadership | HRDQ Experience Explorer™ Experience Explorer™ is a deck of cards that starts conversations, builds camaraderie, and creates networks. Experience Explorer helps managers at all levels realize how much they have learned about leadership from their own powerful experiences.
  • Campbell Leadership Descriptor | Leadership | HRDQ Campbell Leadership Descriptor Designed specifically for use in situations where a comprehensive analysis of leadership characteristics is useful, the Campbell Leadership Descriptor helps individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses in nine major leadership attributes.
  • Leading Across Differences | Leadership | HRDQ Leading Across Differences Developed by a research team that includes The Center for Creative Leadership faculty, Leading Across Differences is a training package that offers new ways of thinking about leadership challenges, providing participants with a framework and process for better understanding their context and taking appropriate action.
  • ENGAGE | Leadership | HRDQ ENGAGE Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and more satisfied at work. But employee engagement is more than just that. It’s a strategy that can set your organization apart from the competition. The ENGAGE Card System provides an interactive framework that encourages the meaningful conversations that reveal and develop employee engagement levels.
  • Achieving Peak Performance | Leadership | HRDQ Achieving Peak Performance Achieving Peak Performance provides front-line supervisors and managers at all levels with a simple yet powerful tool for identifying employee needs. Using this information, managers are then able to positively influence employees toward higher performance levels.
  • Walking The Empowerment Tightrope | Leadership | HRDQ Walking The Empowerment Tightrope Find the balance between empowered work groups and appropriate leadership strategies with this provocative book. A comprehensive mix of learning exercises, action plans, and behavioral theory.
  • The Well-Balanced Leader | Leadership | HRDQ The Well-Balanced Leader There’s no doubt about it: the very best leaders are deeply in tune with their behavior and understand the impact it has on others. As one of the world’s top trainers in the field of accelerated experiential learning, Ron Roberts understands this more keenly than anyone, and in The Well-Balanced Leader, he helps you re-envision your own behavior to become the best leader you can be.
  • Bridging The Leadership Divide | Leadership | HRDQ Bridging The Leadership Divide Remove the barriers to productive relationships that are inherent in today’s multi-generational workforce. This instructor-led workshop helps both incumbent and emergent leaders to understand generational dynamics and improve relationships.